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    We provide a flexible repair service for a broad range of microwave components and assemblies. Obsolete components, or those no longer supported by the original supplier can be repaired by experienced engineers, frequently without recourse to original specifications or drawings. As the service life of equipment is stretched, particularly in the aerospace and defence sector, repairing critical components is essential in maintaining system serviceability. Our engineers and technicians have the experience and equipment to fault-find and repair components and assemblies in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Repair process technologies include: Silicon and GaAs semiconductor chip handling and fine wire bonding. These techniques are supported by work with microstrip on ceramic and soft board and complementary passive component designs (couplers, filters, isolators, etc.) and control circuits.

    Repair rather than replacement can:-

    • Extend the service life of equipment.
    • Keep obsolete equipment in service.
    • Reduce costs.
    • Minimise fitting and re-qualification issues

    Long-term support through fixed-price repair contracts is also available.

    If components cannot be economically repaired we can often design a replacement based on the original, to provide the same ‘form, fit and function’.

    By adhering to original manufacturing techniques wherever possible, any necessary requalification can be kept to a minimum.

    All work is undertaken at our premises in the Cranfield Technology Park in the UK.

    • SMS acquired and continues to support the fast switching multi-frequency source products originally manufactured by Nera Ltd, previously owned by Continental Microwave Ltd and G & E Bradley. Click here for part number cross reference