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  • Microwave Component Design

    Microwave Components

    • Amplifiers - LNA & Medium Power
    • Attenuators - Digital & Analogue
    • Limiters - diode
    • Mixers & Detectors
    • Switches - PIN Diode & GaAs FET
    • VCO
    • Sources
      • Fast Switching Crystal
      • Synthesised

    Sub-systems & Assemblies

    • Radar & EW
    • Instrumentation
    • Avionics
    • Communications

    We design a broad range of Microwave components and sub-systems.

    Designs are offered as individual components, assemblies of two or more functions and complete sub-systems. Packaging styles range from open carriers and sealed drop-in devices to fully hermetic units with coaxial connectors and rack mounted sub systems.

    We do not have a catalogue of standard parts because the requirements that we service tend to be tailored to the most cost effective solutions for the customer. Basic designs in standard packages are offered when appropriate.

    Customers range from small R & D companies that require practical support for new design realisation to the major OEMs requiring complete sub-systems. SMS supply to a majority of UK microwave system manufacturers and a cross-section of users in Europe and North America.

    SMS are happy to work with customers on many levels whether it be for prototyping or design proving pilot production for customer generated designs; designing and manufacturing the initial quantities, then if required transferring drawing packages for in-house serial production by the customer.