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    Local manufacture and microwave design

    In the current economic climate, a recurring theme in press reports is how the manufacturing capabilities within the UK have been eroded over the years, with more and more reliance placed on overseas suppliers.

    This trend has not been limited to basic commodities but also to high technology products. For the microwave industry this has often resulted in "standard" products being the only parts available for new system design requirements.

    In an increasingly competitive global market, the need for flexible equipment designs in order to be able to differentiate from the competition can be a key factor.

    We do not offer standard products but try to work closely with our customers to supply the optimum design for the requirement. Local manufacture, coupled with considerable microwave design experience enables close co-operation with customers and usually leads to shorter response times as well. UK manufacture also significantly reduces export licensing issues; most products being ITAR free.

    Whether the need is for a single function element for a breadboard/design proving arrangement or for complete sub-systems, we are happy to help.

    Recent products have included; solid state switches and switch assemblies; front-end protection for radar receivers incorporating diode limiters and filters; amplifier and mixer hybrid assemblies and sub-systems for wide band receivers.